robbies story
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Robbie's Story - Page 5

baby robbie 7

After 2 hours passed without hearing from the wildlife rehabilitator, I called my vet for advice. They suggested that I call a local animal hospital, which does wildlife rehabilitation. I called them, and they said that they already had several baby robins and I could bring him right over. What a relief!

I put Robbie back in the box and had my son hold him all the way to the animal hospital, where we filled out a form and turned him in. They even gave me a card with a person's name to call, if I wanted to check on Robbie later.

So two days later, I called and found out that Robbie was doing well. They were feeding him moistened dog food and later would teach him how to hunt crickets for practice. Hopefully, he will eventually return to the wild as a well-adjusted fully grown robin.

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