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Robbie's Story - June 6 & 7, 2004

After learning all about baby robins firsthand, I had another thrilling experience with one particular baby robin, whom I nicknamed Robbie.

baby robbie 1

One Sunday around noon, we heard a very loud C-H-I-R-P coming from our front yard. My husband tried unsuccessfully to find out where it was coming from. The loud chirp kept repeating itself every 10 seconds or so. I decided to search for the cause and, after a while, finally located the source. A baby robin was perched in a half-dead evergreen tree off our front porch. His loud chirps were very insistent, but I did not know what they meant. He appeared to be a new fledging, probably having left the nest that very day.

I continued to watch the baby bird through a window over the next 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Not once did I see his parents, the poor little thing, so I knew he must be starving. His loud chirps were probably cries of hunger. He twice moved to a different branch and then to the porch, hopping right up to our front door! Well, that seemed like a request for help, if you ask me!

So I grabbed a trowel and small shovel and started digging for worms at the side of my house. Lo and behold, I found several of various sizes, which I stashed in a paper cup half full of water. I wasn't worried about washing the worms, but I figured if he ate a wet worm, he also got a small drink. I had read that they need other foods besides worms, but I thought if I could get him to eat anything right now, that would be helpful.

So the chase began ...

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