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Pig Houses

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pigs in houses
1. Scruffles & Piggles
piggles in house
2. Piggles in her new house
triple house
3. Scruffles in "triple bunks"
pigs in houses
4. Scruffles & Piggles

These pig houses are a little project that I designed myself. They are made from fleece, quilted, and/or felt materials. There is an inside and outside layer, with a stiff material in between for support. At first, I used a plastic grid craft material, but later I switched to Plexiglas for durability. I designed the houses so that the Plexiglas can be removed in order to launder them. The sides are Velcroed together, so that each house can lie flat for cleaning. They are strong enough to be double-stacked, and the pigs really enjoy resting in the "top bunk."

Click here to view detailed directions on how to make a guinea pig house.

triple house
Pattern for making pig houses

Here is a little more information about the photos above:

  1. Here are the original houses that I made for Scruffles and Piggles when I first got them (Dec 2000/Jan 2001). I made decals from their photos to decorate the cages. They like to have the houses double-stacked, so they can sleep in "bunk beds." To make the sides and roof strong, I used a stiff plastic grid material found in craft stores.

  2. Piggles here shows off her new house in January of 2002. This second generation of houses was improved by making snaps on the bottom of each panel and on one side of the roof so that I could take out the stiff material inside when washing the houses. I added one large decal on the roof of each guinea pig and also a decal with the name of the houses: Piggles' Pad and Scruffles' Shack.

  3. In this photo, Scruffles shows how cool it is to stack 3 houses together. No one actually hopped up to the top house, but it made for a good photo opportunity.

  4. Here are the two newly finished houses, with each pig in her correct house. Don't they look comfortable?
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