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Cage Cleaning: How to Clean a C&C Cage

fresh hay
Adding fresh Timothy hay to the hayloft. Pippi is waiting just below the hay!

Step 6: Clean food and water

Now is the time to add fresh food and water to the cage. First, wash out the water bottles and food dishes thoroughly with hot water. Then refill with fresh food and water.

Last, but not least, add plenty of fresh grass-based hay, such as Timothy hay or Orchard grass, for your piggies to freely munch.

fresh food and water
Adding dry food and water

Step 6F: This is the best part, according to Piggles, Scruffles, and Pippi. Time to munch and then nap!

scruffles eating fresh food
Scruffles eating fresh food
separating compressed bedding
Scruffles cleaning herself while Pippi rests on
the hammock
separating compressed bedding
Pippi (top) and Piggles, sound asleep in their houses
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