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Cage Cleaning: How to Clean a C&C Cage

adding CareFresh bedding
Spreading the CareFresh bedding

Step 5: Add bedding

Now, it's time to add the CareFresh bedding. For our cage, it takes two huge packages of CareFresh to do both levels of the cage. Because of the large area, though, I can make this last 2, sometimes 3, weeks.

Since I can only get the compressed kind of CareFresh now, I must spend extra time separating and fluffing the bedding before spreading it around the cage. I also pat it down a bit to make more of a solid floor covering.

separating compressed bedding
Separating the compressed bedding

April 2006 Update: About a year ago, I found a way to stretch the CareFresh, so that I only need 1 bag of CareFresh for each weekly cage cleaning (even though I recently enlarged the cage). I use shredded newspapers as a layer between the bottom flat layer of papers and the top layer of CareFresh. It works really well. The shredded newspapers make a nice fluffy layer under the more absorbant CareFresh layer.

separating compressed bedding
CareFresh on top of shredded newspapers on top of a flat layer of newspapers

Step 5E: "Now this is what we're talking about," the piggies seem to say, while they walk all over the cage as I spread out the CareFresh. Great stuff!

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