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Kathy's Critters

This is the "other" Kathy's Critters, the one that sometimes gets confused with mine. This Kathy's Critters is a great site too! Kathy has a fun and educational live animal zoology presentation available for schools, parties, camps and special events in the Los Angeles area. She also has many interesting items available in her web stores: cool toys, insect items, edible bug candy and more.


Laurie's Rodent Site

A cute site with photos and information about hamsters, mice, and rats. Includes articles, fun stuff, videos, and more.


Oxbow Animal Health

This is company is a great source of food and nutritional prodcuts for exotic and small animals. Some of their offerings include several varieties of hay, Cavy Cuisine (dry food), and healthy treats. Check out their website for their full assortment, or ask at your local pet store to see if they carry Oxbow products.

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