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my journal of hamster babies

Taming a New Hamster

I know that it will take several weeks or more before Cammie is fully tame. Right now, she is terrified of me. The smallest noise disturbs her sleep, and she runs into a tunnel for safety. If I hold out a treat, she does not yet take it from my hand. It will take time and patience to win her over.

Hamster Rule #12: Whenever you hear a noise, run into a tunnel.

I have already begun to talk to Cammie softly when I'm near her. As she gets used to my voice, she will learn not to be so afraid. Another thing I can do is teach her to accept treats from my hand. First, I have to introduce her to some treats. In the pet store, she only had a bowl of dry food and a water bottle. She has probably never had any fresh produce. Hamsters can have almost any kind of vegetable or fruit, except onion, garlic, tomatoes, raw potatoes, and according to some books, citrus fruits. Each hamster has her own food preferences, so I decide to let Cammie try a few different items.

Yesterday, I had put a small piece of red pepper in the cage, but Cammie passed it by. Today, I check and see several bite marks. I guess she likes red pepper. I decide to try giving her a bit of apple. She runs into a tunnel without taking it, but as soon as I close the cage lid, she comes right back and starts to eat it. Within a few days, she will begin to take treats like this from my hand.

treat on cube

"Fe-fi-fo-fum, I smell a treat, yum, yum, yum!"


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