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my new hamster

Choosing a Hamster

I go to the pet store, where I see hamster babies that were born five weeks earlier. It's actually one day before their 5-week birthday, but the manager agrees to sell me one. There are several black babies and one tan one. Of course, I pick the tan one, because she is unique. She seems active and healthy. They put her in a small box to carry her home in. I hear her scratching in the box on the car ride home.

On the way, I brainstorm names for my new pet. Let's see... she is caramel colored. What about Caramel? No, that's too much of a mouthful to say. What if I sort of shorten it to Cammie? Maybe... Wait, a minute, Cammie, the Hammie. Now, that makes sense. Cammie it is.

Even though Cammie has been peacefully living with her mother and siblings up until now, I know that since she is a Syrian hamster (not a Dwarf), she cannot live with other hamsters anymore. Syrian hamsters will fight, or even kill, other hamsters in the same cage.

I can't wait to see how Cammie likes her new home!


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