my new hamster

Getting Ready

I'm so excited about getting a new hamster. I saw some baby hamsters in the pet store last month, and they will be ready to sell at five weeks old. Oh, how cute they must be by now. But first, I must get everything ready for my new pet.

First of all, I must make a home for my hamster. She will need a cage, some bedding, and food. I have had hamsters before, so I already have three nice cages. I decide to link them together with lots of tunnels. I also make sure there is at least one exercise wheel, because it is very important that a hamster exercise every day in order to stay healthy.


After I connect the tunnels to each of the cages and wheels, I fill the cage bottoms with wood shavings. I know to avoid cedar shavings, because they contain irritating oils, which can cause respiratory problems in hamsters and other pets.

I fill the food dishes and water bottles. And now, everything is ready!


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