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Epilogue: Whatever Happened To All Those Babies?

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All babies were adopted by loving families between December 23, 1999, and January 21, 2000. Their adoptive names were: Spunky, Precious, Pikaby, Buzzly, Sarah, Popcorn, Snowball, Munchkin, Copper, Peanut Butter, Moochie, Zoë, and Calvin.

Calvin is the baby that we kept. Here he is below:

calvin 10 days old
10 days old

calvin 3 weeks old
3 weeks old

calvin 2 months old
2 months old

calvin 8 months old
8 months old

Sadly, Calvin died suddenly around 9 months old in August of 2000. We will always remember him as our friendly, furry friend.

If you'd like to see photos of all of my past and current hamsters, please visit my Hamster Gallery.

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