my journal of hamster babies

Day 12 - December 5

babies 12 days old
Twelve days old—the babies enjoy eating solid food.

Pikachu and the babies are settled in their new nest. The sides of this nest are steeper and more tightly woven together. When Pikachu is in the nest, it is hard to see any babies at all. Also, it's harder for the babies to crawl up to the food hoard in the corner. When Pikachu goes over to the corner to clean herself, a white baby leaves the nest. Oh no, the baby is stuck between the sides of the nest and a food dish! Wait, it can crawl up and over the food dish. Now it finds Pikachu and crawls under her to have a nice warm drink of milk. Pikachu allows the baby to nurse while she continues to clean herself.

babies in wheel
Two babies are stuck in the wheel and have to be "rescued."

I notice that Pikachu is not worried when the babies go exploring. Usually when baby hamsters first start leaving the nest, the mother frantically picks them up and carries them back to the nest. Maybe because Pikachu is so tired from having so many babies, she allows them more independence than usual. They seem to always find their way back to her when they need to.

The babies enjoy exploring their new location. They now have a ring of three tunnels to explore. They can go in one end and move along inside the tunnels and come out the other end. They still are not able to see, but they love to explore anyway. Along the way, they get lost, turn around, and eventually find their way back. They are still wobbly on their feet. I see one baby in the corner try to bend over to clean himself. He tumbles over in a somersault. He finishes cleaning himself and then rights himself and heads back to the nest.

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