my journal of hamster babies

Day 3 - November 26

babies 3 days old
Three days old—fur begins to grow.

I check again. I still count thirteen babies. They seem to be doing well. I notice several changes. They are bigger and resemble little piglets. They are about three centimeters long and one-and-a-half centimeters thick. At times, Pikachu lies on her side and some of the babies can be seen next to her drinking their milk. I observe carefully and notice that there are tiny whiskers on their baby faces. There are dark areas under the skin where their fur is beginning to develop. There are also tiny bits of hair starting to grow out of their skin. And ears! They are starting to grow little flaps of skin that will be their ears. The ears are only about two millimeters long.

The tunnel that Pikachu stuffed a couple nights ago is unstuffed again. I'm not sure why. Maybe she needed the wood chips for her nest. One time when Pikachu leaves the nest, a baby clings to her long enough to come out of the nest part way with her. The baby seems to know which way to crawl back towards the nest. It has trouble going up and over the fluffy bedding, but struggles and then makes it safely back to its nest.

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