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Rocky (April 2002 - July 2004)

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rocky 1
Lookin' up
rocky 2
Outside in the
tall grass
rocky 3
Showing his beautiful back fur
rocky 4
One of my
favorite poses
rocky 5
Peeking out
of a tunnel
rocky 6
Looking fuzzy
in his nest
rocky 7
Looking out from
his loft
rocky 8
rocky 9
Wide and furry
rocky 10
Side pose
rocky 11
Scruffly pose
rocky 12
On top of the cube
rocky 13
Climbing with help
rocky 14
Behind his tunnel
rocky 15
Spinning his wheel

I bought Rocky at a pet store on June 11, 2002. Even though we had decided to be a one-hamster family again, I got Rocky about a month before Hermione died. She was getting old and moved around very little, so we wanted to give her peace and quiet in her old age and let her rest most of the time. Hermione wasn't using all of her cages anymore, so she didn't mind giving up a couple to provide Rocky with a new home.

Rocky was so named, because he reminded me of a raccoon. He had dark stripes under his cheeks and dark circles around his eyes. His eyes looked open, even when they were closed!

Rocky was good-natured and enjoyed being outside in the grass and running around the house in his ball. He preferred to be picked up by crawling into a tunnel first. His favorite treats were sunflower seeds.

Rocky had long-fur, and thus required a lot of grooming. He spent many hours cleaning his fur to get just the right softness and sheen. If we had had a female hamster then, I'm sure she would have appreciated his efforts. He was quite a handsome dude!

Rocky rarely escaped and was always grateful to go home. He was the only hamster who, when faced with a loose tunnel escape hole, ignored it and went to bed! However, he did escape occasionally and usually was found on the floor near his own cage, just waiting for a rescue. However, that did not mean he was quite so willing to be caught, because being caught meant being touched and that would ruin his beautiful coat of fur!

Rocky was the only hamster we ever had who did not figure out how to go up or down the stairs. He was willing to go up a step, but only if you gave him a one- or two-inch boost with your hand. Going down was apparently way too scary and was not to be attempted, in Rocky's opinion.

Rocky got along very well with his guinea pig cousins, Scruffles and Piggles. The only exception was one time when Piggles cornered him suddenly. Those giant pig eyes staring at him must have frightened him so much that he lunged towards her nose with his sharp teeth. We don't think Piggles was actually bitten, but she sure jumped back in a hurry and retreated quickly.

Sadly, Rocky became ill, possibly with some kind of cancer, and died on July 12, 2004. He will be missed greatly!

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