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Pawn (October 1992 - December 1993)

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Pawn was our very first hamster. Santa Claus brought him for our two young boys, who were avid chess players; hence, the name, "Pawn." Being new to hamsters, I was very worried when he "got stuck" in the vertical tunnel, upside down. Really, he was just scared, but I thought something was wrong, so I poked him lightly with something to get him to come down.

Pawn was allowed to run around our house freely. He had a S.A.M. plastic cage with tunnels, one of which reached to the floor and was left open. Pawn came out that tunnel every night and made his rounds around the house. He ran along the wall and into all the first-floor rooms in the same pattern every night. Sometimes, he would try to crawl up our pant legs as we sat on the couch.

When we got a second hamster, Rook, Pawn was very jealous. Their cages were stacked one above the other on a 2-shelf old stereo cabinet. Rook was on top and Pawn below. Amazingly, Pawn used to shimmy up tunnels and squish himself between cage parts and the wall to get to the top level and try to bite his way into Rook's cage. This was all very amusing to watch, and I really wish I had videotaped it. Pawn lived to be 1 year and 1 1/2 months old.

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