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King (June 1994 - January 1996)

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King was very unique looking, because although he had two red eyes when I got him, one of them turned a dark red and the other stayed bright red. I always wondered if he was blind in one eye. Although he was a nice guy, he sometimes bit, usually if he was startled. Maybe he was extra nervous since one eye was potentially blind.

King especially enjoyed the outdoors. Running around in the "neck-high" grass was like forging a path in the jungle. King used to dream a lot and make pitiful squeaking sounds. One time, when my friend was hamster sitting, she felt sorry for him when he did that and reached into his cage. Startled awake, he naturally bit her. Poor Mary, she never touched him again!

Late in his life, King developed a terrible problem where his fur fell off and he had dry cracked skin, that would bleed. He looked terrible. The vet thought it might be allergies to the bedding (pine wood chips) and gave him a shot, but that didn't help. Instead of bedding, I used old towels and wash cloths. I felt so sorry for him and when he died, it was a blessing.

King lived to be one year and seven months old.

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