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Hermione (June 2000 - June 2002)

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I was so sad when Furby and Pikachu's son, Calvin, died unexpectedly at a young age that I had to cheer myself up by getting a new hamster. While no hamster can replace another, there is always room to love one more, especially a curious, young hamster. Hermione was named after a character in the Harry Potter series, books which everyone in my family enjoyed immensely.

Hermione came to us two days after Calvin died. At that time, we still had Furby and Pikachu. When they died 8 months later, in April of 2001, we decided we would be a one-hamster family. We had recently added two guinea pigs to our home and wanted to keep the pet population down a little.

Hermione was more than happy to be the only hamster in the house. She inherited all the hamster cages and tunnels, which ended up being quite a sprawling mansion for her. You can see a picture of her mansion here. Plus, she got more attention, being the cutest, littlest, furriest friend in the house.

Hermione was quite an escape artist and thoroughly enjoyed her many escapades, two of which are told in the stories on this site, Jailbreak and Hermione's Adventure. These stories are basically true; most of what I said actually happened. I'll never forget following Hermione around on her adventure and watching her confidently march up the giant guinea pig tunnels to visit their home (and steal their food).

Hermione enjoyed going outside and nibbling the fresh grass. Like Knight, Hermione lived to be almost exactly 2 years old. She passed away June 17, 2002.

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