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Blizzard (November 1996 - September 1998)

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Blizzard first came to us in the winter in January of 1997. With his white fuzzy coat and the snowy weather upon us, Blizzard seemed like a perfect name.

Unfortunately, I could only find one photo of Blizzard, which only shows his furry, white behind (see above). So you'll have to imagine the rest. He looked a lot like Knight, except with a bit of light gray coloring on his head, instead of the tan coloring on Knight's head.

I thought it would be great if Blizzard fathered a litter with Checkmate, but Checkmate was already pregnant when we got her in July of 1997, so that idea was nixed.

Blizzard was a lot of fun, very curious and cute. In the picture above, he was head-down in a Christmas stocking, getting the special treats that we had given him.

In May of 1996, Cuddles, a daughter of Queen and Rook, visited us while her family was on vacation. Cuddles introduced our hamsters to a new skill, climbing UP the stairs. Cuddles was also a fabulous escape artist. One night while we were sleeping, she escaped and climbed up all 12 stairs and crawled into bed with my husband and me. All of a sudden, I woke up and shouted, "It's a hamster!" My husband answered, "I thought so!" We quickly caught her, but Cuddles had left her scent going all the way up the stairs. From then on, our hamsters, especially the MALES, followed that scent whenever they got the opportunity.

Blizzard was the best at going up or down the stairs. We used to time him with a stopwatch to see how fast he could scurry down those dozen stairs. His unbelievable record time was 7 seconds! One time when Blizzard escaped, he climbed upstairs and ended up in my son's room. At 6:00 a.m. Mike heard scratching noises coming from his waste basket. Blizzard had accidentally climbed a pillow nearby and had fallen inside. The plastic sides were to slick for him to climb out. He was trapped until Mike rescued him!

Blizzard lived to be one year and ten months old.

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