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Guinea Pig Cages

If you think your guinea pig cage is large enough, think again. This site provides tons of great information about raising guinea pigs the RIGHT way, but mainly the best way to house them. After finding this site, I created the most amazing guinea pig cage ever. You can see it in my Guinea Pig Photo Gallery.

A huge and wonderful resource on everything you'd ever want to know about guinea pigs.


cavy spirit logo (related to, see above)

This site, maintained by a private guinea pig rescue, focuses on education and awareness of the proper respect and care that these and all animals deserve. Topics on cavy care include: Adoption, Cages, Care, Sexing, Social Life, and Neutering. This site has lots of valuable information and interesting facts.


Guinea Lynx

A medical and care guide for guinea pigs. Organized by main topics with links to off-site advice. Includes a complete basic care guide on Raising A Healthy Guinea Pig. Visit their Forums to read advice and share your questions with other cavy lovers.


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Lots of guinea pig information, artwork, animations, awards to win, pet webrings and links.


The Peter Gurney Guinea Pig Health Guide

Health guide by the most prolific and knowledgeable writer of guinea pig books. If you need to know anything about guinea pigs, you'll find it here.


Piggy Bedspreads

This is a great resource if you would like to switch to fleece and would like the option of purchasing ready-made, fitted "bedspreads." Also, it's a good example of what to do if you'd like to try making your own.

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