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Kathy's Kritters Guest Book

Thank you for viewing this guest book. Note that I do not take responsibility for any of the entries listed below. Click here to sign the guest book. If you have a question, you can email me.


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Full Name: Stephanie Peterson
Date/Time: 7/14/2002, 10:40 PM
Comments: I really enjoyed the pictures of your hamsters. My cousin's hamster, Squaller, had 9 babies. They are now 2 weeks old and covered in hair. Thank you for putting such adorable pictures on the internet.

Full Name: Alison
Date/Time: 7/13/2002, 11:18 PM
Comments: I just bought a female hamster from the pet shop.
She had babies and this site really helped.


Full Name: Caroline
Date/Time: 7/6/2002, 12:35 PM
Comments: My hamster just had her first litter on June 29th, so I found your web page about the baby hamsters VERY helpful.

Hermione's Great Adventure is really cute!

Full Name: Viviana Leal
Date/Time: 7/5/2002, 4:50 PM
Comments: Your web site is very cute.............

Full Name: Catherine
Date/Time: 6/30/2002, 6:15 AM
Comments: Your site is great. Could someone please help me. How old do baby hamsters have to be when you take them away from their mother? PLEASE HELP

Full Name: Drucilla
Date/Time: 6/22/2002, 1:09 AM
Comments: Love your site! I just sent you a long e-mail. Help!

Full Name: Nicole
Date/Time: 6/8/2002, 1:20 PM
Comments: I bought a hamster and 2 days later she had 5 babies. One didn't make it. Your web site really helped me, since I've never seen a baby hamster and didn't know how to care for them. Thanks.

Full Name: Kellie Snider
Home Page: http://www.kelliesnider.com
Date/Time: 6/4/2002, 1:49 PM
Comments: You have the best baby hamster page for people with baby hamsters! We found some hamsters, and are in the process of making a page about their babies. It's neat to see roughly what to expect from your pages. Ours only had 6 babies, though, fortunately!

Click on my website and go to the hamster link in the left column if you'd like to follow our progress!


Full Name: Cara Rosina Ciantar
Date/Time: 5/24/2002, 5:38 PM
Comments: My hamster, Grazziella, has just had babies, and I have found this website very helpful. I really enjoyed looking at the photos, and they are very good. I would also like to say that this page was worth reading, and I am glad that my mum found this website.

Full Name: Bethany E
Date/Time: 5/18/2002, 6:16 PM
Comments: Love your site, Kathy.

Full Name: Kristen Lee
Date/Time: 5/18/2002, 5:10 PM
Comments: Thanks for all your info. Our dwarf hamster just had babies a week ago. I wish I had read it earlier. Due to our ignorance we bothered the mother, Crystal, and the babies too much. One died, which I removed right away, but last night she ate two of them. Not sure if they died first or if she ate them out of stress. We are supplementing her diet now and not bothering her at all. Hopefully, the last five will live. Thanks again for all your helpful tips.

Full Name: Angel Tsai
Date/Time: 5/14/2002, 1:05 AM
Comments: Hi! I'm 10, and I have my own guinea pig and rabbit at home. My guinea pig is Sophie, and my rabbit is Tommy. I have to clean up their poop. It's really disgusting!!

Full Name: Jemma Dash
Date/Time: 5/8/2002, 11:35 PM
Comments: Hi Kathy!
I just wanted to tell you how much I like your website. I am 8 and I love to show your pictures to my mom and sister. I have a hamster named Cornflower, Cornie for short, and she is a little princess. She is already over a year old, and I am making my own story about her after reading your adventure stories. I think your website is very cool, and I will tell all my friends about it. Thanks for making it!

Full Name: Bailey
Date/Time: 5/7/2002, 11:20 PM
Comments: I love your site. We have 6 babies 21 days old. They are doing great, but we have two white ones whose eyes did not open at all. They are doing everything the others are doing. Have you ever seen this before? What should we do?


Full Name: Jessica
Date/Time: 5/7/2002, 12:43 PM
Comments: I wish I would have found this site sooner. It was really helpful to me. I recently bought a female hamster from a pet shop and found out she was pregnant, but something went wrong while she was giving birth and she died. I was sad, but I just got a new addition to the family, a baby Syrian hamster, her name is Cinnamon. She is quite skittish still, but hopefully with time and lots of handling, she will be calm.
Your site was very helpful

Full Name: Laura
Date/Time: 5/1/2002, 7:11 PM
Comments: Very cute site.

Full Name: Durrani Dhamira
Date/Time: 4/27/2002, 8:36 AM
Comments: Dear Kathy,
I love your book about hamsters and guinea pigs. I already have hamsters, and I want a guinea pig. I have nine hamsters: 2 adults, 4 babies, and 3 medium ones. I am making a guest book like yours. Bye!

From your friend,

Full Name: Sharon
Date/Time: 4/25/2002, 7:32 PM
Comments: I like your book about hamsters. I got 7 hamsters, a mom and dad and 5 babies. I did not know anything about hamsters. Thanks a lot.

Your friend,

Full Name: Rebecca Z
Date/Time: 4/22/2002, 5:31 PM
Comments: Kathy,
Your picture gallery is really helpful. But, my hamster babies eyes aren't open, and they are 15 days old. Are they defective?
Thanks again for your help!

Full Name: Erica Bailey Noreen Warner
Date/Time: 4/21/2002, 6:25 PM
Comments: My hamster had 6 babies on Tuesday at quarter to 3 in the afternoon when I was going swimming...
I am going to sell them when thay are older. Ten of my friends want one.
I love hamsters!
Your friend, Erica Bailey Noreen Warner

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