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Full Name: Julie Pieczko
Home Page:
Date and Time: 6/12/2003, 8:46 PM
Comments: Your pages are wonderful. It is obvious that you have a passion for teaching Kindergarten. Your students are certainly lucky to have you as their teacher. Thank you for sharing and inspiring your fellow teachers!

Full Name: Jo Ann Gentry
Date and Time: 6/1/2003, 9:38 PM
Comments: Very well done. Thank you for sharing your book and quilt with me.

Full Name: Audrey Yanoulakis
Date and Time: 3/4/2003, 7:25 AM
Comments: This is my first visit. I will let you know.

Full Name: heather horvath
Location: california
Date and Time: 11/5/2002, 7:23 AM
Comments: where are you?

Full Name: Deanna Satterfield
Location: DeLand Florida
Date and Time: 10/6/2002, 9:08 PM
Comments: I am a preschool teacher and I love your BEAUTIFUL nursery rhyme pages Thank You for doing such a great job and for sharing it with my students.

Full Name: Laurie Chandler
Location: Magnolia, Arkansas
Home Page:
Date and Time: 10/3/2002, 3:07 PM
Comments: I loved this sight! I am the coordinator for our kindergarten. Our children are also working on nursery rhymes. I am going to share this web site with my teachers. We have 10 kindergarten classrooms in our school. Our children will love listening to your children reciting their nursery rhymes and looking at their illustrations. What a neat idea!

Laurie Chandler

Full Name: Stephen A. Molello
Date and Time: 8/22/2002, 6:06 PM
Comments: I've got a secret-I knew your teacher when she was in the same grade as you! Nice site-keep up the great work. Bye.

Full Name: Laura Doolittle
Home Page:
Date and Time: 8/22/2002, 6:05 PM
Comments: Nice job.

Full Name: Avalon
Home Page:
Date and Time: 7/8/2002, 6:05 PM
Comments: Greetings. Very nice site.

Full Name: Cathy Harding
Location: Vancouver Island, Canada
Date and Time: 7/3/2002, 6:04 PM
Comments: Dear Mrs. Horvath and Kindergarten children:

My name is Cathy Harding and I am a Kindergarten teacher from Canada. I teach at a Full-Day First Nations school on Vancouver Island. We are working very hard at our school to improve our children's oral language. We do a lot of work with nursery rhymes in our class throughout the year. How excited I was to come across your webpage which focuses so much on oral language, but which also includes art, writing, rhyme, vocabulary building, sequencing, memory, concepts of print, alphabet, technology, etc., etc., etc. I just love your cover page and all of the children's faces in alphabetical order. I have taken the time to view each child's page. What a lot of work you have all done! Your quilt is absolutely amazing! I can hardly wait to share your website with our other Kindergarten teacher and the speech/language pathologist I work with. I will also make a note of it so that I can share your work with some of the teachers I know.

Full Name: Mrs. Lafferty
Date and Time: 5/22/2002, 6:02 PM
Comments: Hello everyone,
I have been very busy driving around Europe. We went to Belgium this past weekend. We went to the cities of Brugge, Gent and Antwerpen. We also traveled along the North Sea and went into Holland. Belgium is known for handmade lace. Holland is known for wooden shoes, tulips and windmills. We also went to Luxembourg where we visited an American Military Memorial where General Patton is buried, who I am sure you will learn about in school sometime. Yesterday we drove over to the Austrian/Switzerland border and visited 2 castles that belonged to a king named Konig Von Ludwig. One of the castles was the inspiration for Disney's Cinderella castle. Today I am packing and tomorrow Kelsey's grandma and I are returning to Rochester on an airplane. It is suppose to take us 2 hours longer than it took us to get here since we will be flying into the wind. Enjoy your long weekend.

Full Name: Deanna Kooistra
Date and Time: 5/19/2002, 6:02 PM
Comments: I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your web site. What a great idea to showcase your student's work. I have been wanting to expand the nursery rhyme unit that I teach and you have inspired me. The quilt is also a super idea and donating it to a children's hospital very appropriate. Keep up the awesome work!

Full Name: Jenny Speares
Date and Time: 5/18/2002, 6:01 PM
Comments: Gutentag!
I'm a friend of Mrs. Rothhaar's daughter, and I'm very happy to have visited your website! It's very cute and I can really see how much hard work you've put into it--what a great job!! I'm living back in Rochester again now, but for two years I lived in Leipzig, Germany. It's only about an hour away by car from Dresden and Meissen that Kelsey's Mom mentioned in her last email. Germany is a
very beautiful place full of very friendly people.

Viel Spass (much fun) with your website

Full Name: Kelsey's mom
Date and Time: 5/13/2002, 6:00 PM
Comments: Kelsey and her class,
This past weekend we traveled east across Germany to Dresden. This town is in the area that use to be East Germany and several years ago we were not allowed to travel there. We went to a small town called Meissen which is known for it's porcelain. We also went to a small town called Seiffen which is where they make nutcrackers.

We traveled to Poland from Germany where they are famous for painted pottery. These are dishes that you can microwave, bake and eat off of. They were very colorful! It was a long car ride for us. Cars over here are very the size of a Ford escort since gas costs about $5/gallon. There are not too many vans over here. Well, we are resting today (actually went to a Walmart) and doing laundry. I will tell you of my next adventure soon. Hope you are all doing well.

Full Name: LouAnn Lafferty
Date and Time: 5/9/2002, 6:00 PM
Comments: Hello class,
Today we went to France. We traveled along a wine route which reminded me of the vineyards down in the finger lakes. There were lots of old towns and twisting, narrow roads on this route though. On top of the mountains, along the route, we could see many old castles. The towns were south of Strasbourg, France and north of Colmar. We went to a small town called Riquewihr which is a stork breeding ground. There were many large nests on top of the buildings with storks inside of them. This town is from the 16th century and is suppose to look the same as it did back then......and it did. Well, I am off on another adventure tomorrow and will let you know a little bit about it next week.

Full Name: LouAnn Lafferty
Date and Time: 5/8/2002, 5:59 PM
Comments: Hi Kelsey and classmates,
Last night I flew to Germany with Kelsey's grandma to see her Aunt Michele and family. We were in the air for just over 7 hours once we left Philadelphia. That is as long as it takes to drive to grandma and grandpa's place in Michigan. When we arrived here it was 4:00am New York time but it was 10:00am Frankfurt,Germany time. So how many hours later is it in Germany than in Rochester. We left Frankfurt and drove to Buhl, Germany. This is where Aunt Michele lives in a 4 story house......with lots of toys that her 2 little girls play with. This weekend we are going to Poland. I will tell you a little bit about that country when I get back. Please feel free to write me back and ask me any questions about my or Enjoy your day. Miss you Kelsey...tell Courtney I made it here and I miss her too.

Full Name: Nanci Arnold
Date and Time: 5/2/2002, 5:58 PM
Comments: I loved the voices reciting an old favorite. We are so proud of the great job Jordan is doing with his reading and comprehension. Keep up the good work.

Full Name: Vicky
Date and Time: 4/20/2002, 5:57 PM
Comments: Hi Honey:
You did a wonderful job singing Three Blind Mice. I am sorry it has taken me a while to write to you. You know you are my favorite "snookie girl". Keep up the good work in school. I love you honey.
Aunt Vicky

Full Name: Britt
Date and Time: 4/20/2002, 5:57 PM
Comments: Hey amanda!~!~
Your page is cool!~!~Nice picture with ur smirk!well i hope u enjoy school cause your teacher is doing a wonderful job teaching you!~ Give her an A+ in teaching for me k? k well i gotta bounce ill c-ya lata

*your waffle cousin*

Full Name: Judy Lawton
Date and Time: 4/19/2002, 5:56 PM
Comments: Dear Mrs. Horvath and Boys and Girls,
What a beautiful nursery rhyme quilt! I am a retired teacher and now a Project Linus Coordinator in the state of Georgia. I know your quilt is going to bring some joy to a very special child in the hospital. Tomorrow we will be at a fair in one of the towns near here. We have squares ready for the children to color. We will make quilts like yours but they will not be about nursery rhymes. I will be telling the children about your beautiful quilt.
Great job!
Miss Judy

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